Ching’s Kitchen Hacks: 4 Cooking Tips For Easy Desi Chinese Cooking!

Who says cooking is tough?

The world is made up of two kinds of people: those that dare to cook, and those that cry about how difficult it can be.

Don’t toss your head in a stir-fry, just follow a little kitchen etiquette & watch your cooking skills unfold on the fly!

So where do we begin?

Follow these simple instructions to get the desired results – whether it’s that Veg Manchurian you’re trying to master or hitting the right balance in your Schezwan Fried Rice!

1) Frying in Hot Oil:


Frying foodstuff adds great flavour to the preparation, but always
exercise caution while cooking with hot oil.


2) Using Knives:


Cut to the chase with the one tool that gets work done in the
kitchen…razor sharp!


3) Boiling Noodles:


Separating noodles needn’t be a messy affair, try this nifty trick!


4) Cooking Evenly:


Done to perfection – that’s how anything should be cooked!

It’s not rocket science – it’s just about paying attention to the details.

Now go grab your ingredients & tools to get cracking on that Desi Chinese meal you deserve!

Desi Chinese Made Easy-Peasy.
Bon Appétit!

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