Welcome To The Desi Chinese Daily!


It’s not just a few odd dishes. It’s more than just flavours. Above being just comfort food, fast food or takeaway.

It’s Desi Chinese, and it has now spawned itself a Chingdom of fans that swear by their Schezwan, true to the salt.

How did this Chingdom come into being? The Desi Chinese food culture was born out of adaptations that the Chinese immigrants from the Hakka tribe made to their food, using local ingredients after settling in India.

Over time the Desi Chinese food and flavours have found widespread favour with the Indian palate. This is evident in the fact that Desi Chinese food is now the second-most popular cuisine in India!

Why can’t Desi Chinese inspire more than just recipes & food ideas? Desi Chinese Daily takes it to the next level – in a world that has room for EveryChing Tasty, we explore & discover a culture that’s not too different from our own, but stands out as one built on the foundations of all things Desi, and all things Chinese!

Ever imagined a mocktail using Chilli Vinegar? A salad dressed with schezwan? Baking with noodles?

It’s all possible & exists in the amazing world of Desi Chinese Daily!

It doesn’t end just there – the possibilities are infinite, all under the roof of one happy Ching’s eating nation.

Stay tuned for more on this blog!


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