7 Desi Street Foods That Taste Insanely Awesome #SchezwanMaarke

Street food lover?

Give  your life a spicy twist with this list of Desi street foods that blend extremely well with a hint of Schezwan Chutney!

1) Vada pav

Source: golivadapavbhilwara.com

This Desi fast food that’s the closest it gets to the common man’s burger. Stuffed with a spiced potato patty, the vada pav tunes up extremely well with Schezwan Chutney adding a Desi flavour to this inexpensive & tasty street food.

2)  Dosa

schez masala dosa

Source: dealslama.com

A hint of Desi Schezwan Chutney paired along with this South Indian delicacy will get your mouth watering as you smell the aromatic spices blend glorious into one simply amazing flavour.

3)  Schezwan Chakli


Source: bawarchi.com

This savoury snack from India, made from flours of rice, bengal gram & black gram moulds well with the pungent Schezwan dip. This Desi “chakna” is the chill-step of the youth.

4) Noodles


Source: kenhuntfood.com


A staple food in many cultures made from unleavened dough is the perfect food when cooked with Schezwan Chutney!  The taste dissolves you & makes you live that moment perfectly.

5) Aloo Tikki

aloo tikki

Source: vegrecipesofindia.com

This  street food of Uttar Pradesh made from boiled potatoes and various spices, served hot with Schezwan Chutney will take your taste-buds on a roller coaster ride!

6) Bhel Puri

bhel puri

Source: archanaskitchen.com

A type of Chaat made out of puffed rice and vegetables, stirred well with Schezwan sauce acts like a perfect base to the snack with a sweet, salty, tart & spicy flavours.

7) Kebab


Source: archanaskitchen.com

This favourite  non-veg delicacy which contains small pieces of seasoned and spiced meat usually grilled, dipped in Schezwan Sauce is an absolute spit rotating delicacy.

Get snacking!

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