Desi Soups That Will Seduce Your Tastebuds

Hungry and don’t want to make a mess in the kitchen?

No problem. Soup is here to lift your hungry spirits.

Mom always pesters you to have hot soup when you’re sick, right?

Desi Chinese soups are here to break that stereotype. Soup can be had anytime, no occasion needed. Prep your taste buds for yummy soup magic!

Mix It Up With a Mix Veg Soup


Mix veg soup is always a healthy option for the fitness enthusiasts who love their vegetables. Served best post a good workout, tasty veg soup will hit the spot.

Tantalizing Tangy Tomato Soup


Tomatoes are red and juicy & we’ve managed to blend it into something better. Ching’s Secret offers nothing but the tangiest instant tomato soups that would make you drool.

Sweet Corn Soup That Speaks To The Soul


We might just give the butta-wallas a run for their money with our instant Sweet Corn soup. The aroma shall raise thy appetite, the taste is always right.

Savor The Flavor of A Hot & Sour Soup


A recipe with ingredients that has been perfected through the ages, a great bowl of Hot & Sour will leave the taste of Desi Chinese lingering long after you’ve had it!

Magical Manchow Soup That Blows Your Mind

source: ruchiskitchen

A soup so desi and light, no wonder we needed patent rights. Need we say more?
Desi Chinese soup has never been this tasty before.

We know you’ll want more with every gulp.

Go on, grab a hot cup of Ching’s Instant Soup!


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