Ching’s Secret is an Indian brand of Indian Chinese cuisine ingredients, condiments and ready to eat meals, owned by Capital Foods. Ching’s Secret was formed in 1996 which specializes in a range of products in Indian Chinese, or ‘Desi Chinese’ cuisine.

The Desi Chinese food culture was born out of adaptations that the Chinese immigrants from the Hakka tribe made to their food, using local ingredients after settling in India. Over time the Desi Chinese food and flavours have found widespread favour with the Indian palate. This is evident in the fact that Desi Chinese food is now the second-most popular cuisine in India.

As a company, Capital Foods strongly believes that food is a representative of a country’s culture. We are committed to bringing the world together through good taste. And we take our consumers on culinary journeys by providing them with an extensive choice of foods from Chinese, Thai, Italian, European and other ethnic cuisines.